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OR 2.0 Last Call
Video: Jeannie und Homie erklären den Outerdijker Run 2.0

OR 2.0 Zeit zum Feiern
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Flyer OR2
(flyer-02_engl_s.pdf, 24.03.2018, 432,00 kByte)
Flyer Outerdijker Run 2.0

Location from Satellit
(location_sat.pdf, 05.02.2018, 298,00 kByte)
Eventgelände/Location (Satellitenansicht)

(program.pdf, 16.04.2018, 543,00 kByte)
Program overview of all days
Version 16.04.2018

(shuttle.pdf, 05.05.2018, 603,00 kByte)

(or2-tours.pdf, 16.04.2018, 419,00 kByte)
9xRide Out through McPom

Infos steamboat ride
(steamboat.pdf, 15.04.2018, 460,00 kByte)
Infos to bikers on the mueritz water

Port of Waren
(port_waren.pdf, 15.04.2018, 1296,00 kByte)
Harbor view with all information


Update 06.05.2018

Flyer OR2

Version 16.04.2018

You can now download the program for the Outerdijker Run 2.0 in the download area on the right.

Of course, the flyer is also available at the event entrance.

Shuttle (New)

With a bus and 5 shuttles we pick you up from your location and bring you back in the night! You can download the shuttle timetable on the right in the download section or take it with you at the entrance.

On Friday morning

Among other things, for reasons of event law, there is not "the Ride Out" this time.
Alternatively, we have therefore prepared 9 tours for you.
We assume that the interested parties arrange to cruise through McPom together.

All tours we have put together in a PDF or2-tours.pdf (see download area on the right), in it you will find the links for 9 tours on and a guide on how to export a tour and transfer it to the GPS.

The return trip we have deliberately not worked out, which can then make each group according to their own ideas.

Of course, we also provide the opportunity to load the tours with us on site on your GPS (we need your USB connection cable!).

The official event shirt

This shirt can now be ordered online on the blog of our Activity Officer Chris:
Minuteman T-Shirt-Shop

At the event, there is no way to buy the T-shirt, but you can order it locally and it will then be delivered to your home.

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Steamboat Ride: Bikers "on the mueritz water"

For all Early Bird ticket holders, our Steamboat Ride will take place on Saturday, May 12th.
Included is a lunch in the Restaurant Venezia in the port of Waren before the steamboat trip.

You can download all information about it in the download area on the right
(Infos steamboat ride / Port of Waren).

2. Steamboat Trip

For all guests who have not got an early bird ticket, we offer as a replacement a separate steamboat trip, but without a program, without food etc.
This steamer also leaves on Saturday, May 12, from Waren at 14:30 clock.

On Thursday and Friday, interested parties can purchase discounted tickets at the price of 10 € (instead of the regular 12 €) directly at the OR event entrance.

Photos and Videos

Every visitor of the Outerdijker Run is in agreement with the permanent publication of non-compromised photos and videos on which the visitor can be seen.


The following disclaimer applies between Spree Chapter Berlin e.V., Töpchiner Weg 192, 12309 Berlin, and the ticket holder:

Spree Chapter Berlin e.V. or the organizer of this event is not liable for damage to the motorcycle and / or for damage to health caused by accident, loss, influence of third parties and / or elementary influences.

Spree Chapter Berlin e.V. or the organizer of a motorcycle tour / travel or other event is in no way responsible for the personal safety of the participants and their property.
Claims of third parties as a result of damage to the participants before, during and after the tour or event can not be claimed by the Spree Chapter Berlin e.V., the organizer of a motorcycle tour / travel or other event. Liability is therefore excluded.

Claims for damages resulting from injury to life, limb, health and / or property in case of grossly negligent or intentional breach of duty by responsible decision-makers of the association or the organizer are excluded from the above-agreed disclaimer. Finally, any claims for damages of the participants remain undisturbed and / or against each other.